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POSTED 44 event: - If you missed our recent 44 event on employment consultants implement good practices, you can access the recording here


New study underway!

Families: Do you have a child age 14-24 with intellectual or developmental disabilities? Participate in our employment study, and get the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Learn more about our study here.



44 Series March Webinar archive posted here

Do you know someone who's making the change from a "sheltered workshop" to community employment? Join us to discuss the ups, downs, payoffs, and sometimes messy process of finding and keeping fulfilling work. Archive posted here



1/9 UPDATE - ARCHIVE POSTED HERE- Got 44 Minutes to Think About Employment? Organizational Transformation: From Workshops to Community Employment

1/3 UPDATE: SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the archive of this webinar early next week. This webinar was so popular, we decided to run it again! We’ll share findings about how provider agencies are making the shift to community employment.


The 2014–2015 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers Report 1: Overview of Services, Trends, and Provider Characteristics

Check out this new brief from Daria Domin and John Butterworth. This brief is based on the 2014–2015 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
Download and read here...



Essential Elements in Organizational Transformation

Check out this new brief from Jaimie Timmons and Oliver Lyons entitled: Essential Elements in Organizational Transformation: Findings From a Delphi Panel of Experts.  In this brief, we: 1. share ten essential elements in organizational transformation ranked in their order of importance according to ICI’s Delphi process, and 2. offer a set of considerations to providers as they move their organizational transformation efforts forward.

Make sure you download and read it here...



Got 44 Minutes to Think About Employment?

Organizational Transformation: From Workshops to Community Employment

Check out the recording of our latest webinar, about how providers are transforming from sheltered workshops to employment services in the community. You can access it here...


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“In Vermont, they imagined a system focused on the empowerment of individuals, rather than institutions, and they achieved it,” said John Butterworth, of ThinkWork at ICI/UMass Boston. “They proved it can be done.”

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