Research Study Flyer - Join the Family LifeCourse Group!


Download the flyer here...

  1. Are you the parent or guardian of youth/young adult between the ages of 12 and 18 who has an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)?
  2. Do you check your Facebook account at least weekly?
  3. Do you wonder about the future for your youth/young adult including employment and daily living? Are you interested in learning how to take steps to make your vision a reality?

If so, the Family Life Course Group might be for you!

Family LifeCourse Group participants will receive:

  • Information and resources delivered on a monthly basis from Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life and Employment to support the development of a vision for future employment.
  • Weekly outreach via a closed Facebook group. This includes tools, resources, and video that go with aspects of the LifeCourse toolkit.
  • Opportunities to connect with other parents of youth/young adults with IDD via this private Facebook Group to share ideas and challenges.
  • Opportunities to build face-to-face relationships with each other and with a content expert through facilitated monthly virtual discussions or video chats.
  • Access to experts in employment and LifeCourse content.