44 Series - Ideal vs. Real

  Watch the recorded webinar here. Employment consultants are the backbone of direct service. Their efforts can bridge the gap between job seekers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and fulfilling jobs in the community. However, employment consultants' work isn't always given full recognition. And they face daily challenges. They must support job seekers, market agency services to employers, and balance job development tasks with administrative responsibilities. Research has revealed good practices for professionals in this field, including those working with folks with IDD. But without tools that document the implementation of good practices, it’s hard to know if  knowledge gets translated into quality services. This is important: It is only through receiving top-quality employment services that adults with IDD can progress toward employment and economic self-sufficiency.  In this presentation by the ThinkWork team, you'll hear what we've learned from employment consultants who have been reporting daily about their support activities for about a year, and how this data can inform the work they and others do to improve employment outcomes.