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Welcome! This site highlights the employment successes of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) who are working in paid jobs in their communities. Through the use of innovative, front-line employment support practices, these individuals are earning money, forming networks, and contributing to their communities. Learn more about these people and the promising practices that led to their success. Here is a definition of Intellectual Disability. Here is a definition of Developmental Disability. Visit this page for stories about promising practices by state agencies and this page for provider promising practices. Scroll down this page for current featured stories, or use the menu at left to browse all stories by category.

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Christina: Mastering a Job with Remote Supports During COVID-19

photo of christinaChristina is an energetic young woman who works at Bothwell Hospital in Sedalia, Missouri as a part-time dietary aide. She enjoys her job and earns well above minimum wage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christina’s work conditions and responsibilities changed. As a result, the nature of her supports also shifted from having an on-site job coach to remote supports via iPhone. With the support of her provider, the Center for Human Services (CHS), Christina was able to alter her position and supports and maintain employment.

Nikolas: Understanding the Risks and New Routines of Being an Essential Worker During COVID-19

Nikolas at work in Whole FoodsNikolas is 22 years old and works for Amazon at Whole Foods in Providence, Rhode Island as a personal shopper. In this job, he uses an Amazon phone that receives the customers’ orders and payments. Nikolas fulfills the customers’ requests, bags the items and labels the bags in preparation for delivery. He began working in this position before COVID-19 hit, finding the job after participating in a one-year school-to-work program called Project Search.

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