Community Life Engagement Toolkit

Looking to increase community life engagement of the people you support? Not sure where to begin? This toolkit was developed to help service providers develop and improve high quality supports for community life engagement (CLE). Inside you will find guideposts for success, a self-assessment tool, real-world examples of service providers making CLE happen, and other helpful resources and tools.

Not sure where to begin? Looking for more individualized guidance? Contact Jennifer Sulewski to learn more about technical assistance options from ICI Consulting: or (617) 287-4356.

The toolkit includes six topical sections:

  1. Background information on Community Life Engagement.
  2. Self-assessment materials to get you started thinking about your own CLE policies and services.
  3. Guidepost 1: Individualize supports for each person.
  4. Guidepost 2: Promote community membership and contribution.
  5. Guidepost 3: Use human and social capital to decrease dependence on paid supports.
  6. Guidepost 4: Provide supports that are outcome-oriented and regularly monitored.

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