Allison Cohen Hall

Allison Cohen Hall, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Associate/Project Manager at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Dr. Hall has coordinated national, multi-method research projects spanning several topic areas related to disability and employment. She led the research that culminated in the Higher Performing States Model, which has been used as a framework for training and technical assistance in over 30 states. Dr. Hall is currently the Principal Investigator on a four-year project that addresses family engagement , guardianship and transition outcomes for youth with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as the Principal Investigator of the Youth Voice/Youth Choice: National Resource Center on Alternatives to Guardianship. She maintains close ties with the self-advocacy community and supports individuals with IDD to participate in meaningful roles in the research process. She received her doctorate in 2005 from the Heller School at Brandeis University.

Key Findings and Lessons Learned from Research on Integrated Employment for individuals with IDD

This presentation highlights key findings and lessons learned from the RRTC on Advancing Employment for People with IDD (2014-2019). ICI staff discuss a “knowledge to action” agenda that applies empirical data towards the development of strategies to positively impact the employment outcomes of individuals with IDD and their families.

Our Stories - Young Adults, Work, and Personal Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This archived webinar from May, 2020 features the stories of self-advocates employed to conduct research on transition practices. These researchers shared how social distancing and the use of technology have affected their work and other parts of their lives, such as staying in touch with family, friends, and support staff.

44 Series - What does choice really mean when we talk about employment?

  Watch the recorded video here. The 44 series is an ongoing series of webinars (each about 44 minutes long, hence the name!) that address various topics related to integrated employment for individuals with IDD. In this edition to the series, originally presented on 11/27/18, speaker Liz Weintraub discussed issue of choice and self-direction in the job search process. She focused on challenges, risk, and empowerment for job seekers with disabilities. 

Different states, common issues: Moving mountains one service at a time

Download article here. In an ever-evolving landscape, states are working to achieve new levels of integrated employment outcomes. While state have been building supports for more than five decades to meet the needs of their constituents, a different playing field has emerged in recent years. This is a result of new regulations, requests from advocates and families, shifting expectations and fluctuating state budgets.