Partnerships in Employment: Guidance on How to Obtain Data on the Use of Subminimum Wages

PIE project work is framed by the High-Performing States Transition Model, which contains 8 key elements: collaboration, leadership, state goals and policy, funding and contracting, staff training, service innovation, performance management and quality assurance, and youth leadership development and family engagement. This document is one in a series of PIE Project Fact Sheets that chronicle how PIE grantee states are making change under the elements of the High-Performing States Transition Model.

This document represents the efforts of several PIE grantees to identify and change the use of subminimum wages in their states by examining data on the use of subminimum wages authorized by individual state governments and by the Federal Government. It is the first of two documents that both share information about how to access and use data on federal certificates and, if applicable, state subminimum wage authorizations.

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