The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY 2002-2003, Report 2: Non-Work Services

The proportion of individuals participating in non-work programs has grown noticeably over the past decade. Despite the push toward integrated employment for people with developmental disabilities in many states, non-work day programs continue to be a substantial component of the service mix. Butterworth et al. (1999: 23) suggest that "services are becoming increasingly individualized and differentiated... traditional service categories may not be sufficient to capture the full range of how individuals with developmental disabilities are spending their day."

This brief presents findings that describe the role of non- work programs in the service mix offered by community rehabilitation providers (CRPs), individuals' participation in non-work programs, and the activities and goals of non- work services.This is the second in a series of Research to Practice briefs on the FY2002-2003 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, which was funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities.

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