Jennifer Sulewski

Jennifer Sulewski, Ph.D, Senior Research Associate and Project Manager, has been involved as a researcher and evaluator on numerous ICI projects since 2001. Her primary research interest is community life engagement of people with IDD. She was PI of a NIDILRR-funded Field Initiated Project to study how to improve non-work day supports toward increased engagement of people with IDD in community life. Her current projects include working with the SELN and Access to Integrated Employment projects on how to address community life engagement in the Employment First context; conducting case studies on collaboration between vocational rehabilitation and higher education programs to support students with IDD and autism; providing evaluation and other support to the Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment, and evaluating the Future Quest Island project (a website and teacher toolkit designed to engage middle school students in thinking about college and careers). She received her Ph.D. in Social Policy from Brandeis University in 2006.

Community Life Engagement Toolkit

Looking to increase community life engagement of the people you support? This toolkit was developed to help service providers develop and improve high quality supports for community life engagement (CLE). It contains guideposts for success, a self-assessment tool, real-world examples of service providers making CLE happen, and other helpful resources and tools. Click here for the toolkit:

Meeting the Holistic Vision of Employment and Community Life Engagement: State Administrator Perspectives on Achievements and Gaps

As states focus on expanding integrated employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and phase out sheltered work, they are finding a need to concurrently examine day services and supports that promote Community Life Engagement (CLE, see yellow box to the right for a detailed definition). These supports can be a wrap-around to ensure individuals’ engagement in the community is maintained and they continue to receive sufficient levels of support, despite fluctuations in job status and hours.

State Roles in Promoting Community Life Engagement: Themes from the State Employment Leadership Network's Working Group

The State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) is a membership-based network of state IDD agencies committed to making changes in their service systems to ensure access to competitive integrated employment for people with IDD (