Performance measurement and quality assurance

What follows below are State Agency Promising Practices from the Access To Integrated Employment project that exemplify the use of performance measurement and quality assurance to improve employment outcomes. We define performance measurement and quality assurance more specifically as: 

  • Use of individual and provider level outcome data to assess progress and communicate the importance of employment for youth and adults with IDD.

Using Employment Data to Create Area-specific Employment Goals in Massachusetts

In 2002, the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) developed a contractual requirement that employment service provider performance be tracked through outcome measures. As a result, DDS shaped its employment data collection system to focus on what it viewed as key outcomes for measuring success around employment.

New Hampshire’s Employment Data Collection: The Power to Transform Communication, Partnership, and Service Delivery

In 2010, when the New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) received grant funds to strengthen multisystem service delivery, its administrators partnered with area agencies; community rehabilitation providers, or CRPs (employment providers); and other stakeholders to improve and streamline the process of collecting employment data. Originally a multi-system process, BDS continued the data-collection effort when other systems withdrew.