Data Note 1: What Do Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Cost?

Originally published 2/2005

The VR system has the flexibility to purchase a wide array of services to support an employment outcome, including vocational evaluation, vocational training and postsecondary education, transportation, supported employment, interpreters, and adaptive equipment. VR services include core counseling and guidance provided by a VR counselor as well as services that are purchased based on an individual employment plan.

In fiscal year 2003, the average cost of the purchased services that resulted in an employment outcome was $4,008 for individuals who successfully completed their employment plan, and $2,161 for all closures including individuals who did not achieve a rehabilitation goal.

The cost of services varied significantly by disability, ranging from an average of $2,923 for each successful closure for individuals with a primary disability of substance abuse to $5,577 for individuals with a primary disability that was orthopedic in nature.

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