How is guardianship status related to employment status for people with IDD? Findings from the National Core Indicators Adult Consumer Survey.

Read the brief here. This study examined data from a sample of 12,213 people with IDD who responded to the NCI Adult Consumer Survey in 2012–2013. The sample captures data from respondents in 26 states. The purpose of the study was to observe and describe different demographic characteristics among the respondents, and how those characteristics correlated to different outcomes. The findings of this study showed a correlation between legal guardianship and employment setting for individuals with IDD. People who have a legal guardian were significantly less likely than people who were independent to have any kind of paid employment. Among those individuals without a paid job, there was an even split in guardianship status: 48.7% had a guardian, and 51.3% did not have a guardian.

Download the brief here.