Show Me the Money: Flexible Funding for Job Success

Originally published 5/2003

This document is intended to help people use flexible funding to find and keep the jobs they want. The funding might come from the Vocational Rehabilitation or Developmental Disabilities agency in your state, your school district, or maybe through the Social Security Administration. The flexible part means that you decide how to use the funding to get the job you really want. You might pick a service provider agency, take classes, buy equipment for your business, or interview and hire a job coach who works directly for you.

Right now, there is no special website for flexible funding. Flexible funding is one part of "self-determination." Self-determination" is a bigger idea that means that people choose the services they want and the providers they want, and control other decisions because they are the authorities over themselves. To find out more about self-determination, check out these websites.

In the future you'll be able to read information from parents, advocates, personal agents, service coordinators, and others about helping someone take control of their funding. We hope that these stories will encourage people to ask about flexible funding so that they can take control of their jobs and careers.

Learn about people across the country who have used flexible funding. Click on the person's name to read their story. You can also read their tips for job seekers.

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